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Ceramic vs. Induction Cooktops

Ceramic vs. Induction Cooktops: What You Need to Know

Choosing a new cooktop can be a difficult decision. So many options are available on the market today. One choice you will have to make early on is whether you will go with a ceramic or induction cooktop. Several factors will influence which style you eventually choose to purchase. ceramic cooktop installation

How they work

Ceramic cooktops have electric coils. These heat up to the desired temperature while heating up the tempered ceramic glass on top. Most now have child-locks for the controls, as well as a light to indicate when the surface is hot.

Induction cooktops use a different method. High-frequency electromagnets generate a magnetic field. This transfers the heat directly to the cooking pan, leaving the stove surface cool to the touch. So induction cooktops are very safe to use, especially with small children around.

Speed of heating and cooking

Induction is definitely the winner here! With nearly instant heating, you can cook your meals in less time. And because the heat goes directly to the pot, and only the pot, you also won’t have heat loss around the edges. This also means higher energy efficiency and less heating up your kitchen when you cook in the summer months.

Clean up ceramic cooktop installation

Since an induction cooktop does not heat up, when you inevitably spill something on your stove, it won’t burn to the surface. And as soon as you turn it off, the cooktop is cool to touch. So you can clean any mess immediately. Again, induction wins for clean up!

Compatible cookware

With a ceramic cooktop, you are free to use any cookware you like. Top-of-the-line copper, or a vintage set inherited from your grandmother. If you like it, you can use it.

The induction process, however, is a little more particular. The key is that your cookware needs to be magnetic-based to transfer heat from the electromagnet field.

An easy test is to take a magnet and see if it holds to the bottom of your pots or pans. If it does, you are free to choose an induction cooktop! If not, keep in mind you will need to add the cost of new cookware to the price tag of your upgrade! ceramic cooktop installation

ceramic cooktop installation

The cost

Speaking of price tags, induction cooktops are generally more costly than ceramic. If you still feel the benefits of induction

outweigh the negatives, discuss your decision with a professional to make sure you make the best purchase to suit your needs!

No matter what is your final decision, Quick & Pro appliance repair specialist would be happy to assist with your Santa Clarita cooktop installation and repair.

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